BeltBattery meterThe naked truth
OwnerJan Gustafsson
Owner's Other EVsKettler Electric
Electric Mountainbike
LocationUppsala, Uppland Sweden map
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Vehicle2004 14X
Bad smelling 49cc 2-stroke that sounds awful got slightly modified into a much purer source of power. Silent, fast, does not smell and no vibrations that makes your skeleton to fall apart anymore.
Motor Etek-R/0708 Permanent Magnet DC
DrivetrainGot rid of the rattling old chain and replaced it with a home made drive belt system made from a converted Opel waterpump as front spocket and tensioner from a f9q760 Opel Vivaro diesel. Driven spocket from X16XEL timing gear for the camshaft and the belt is from a timing belt from Daewoo Matiz 1.2 8v
Controller Kelly Controller
KD48301,18-60V,300A,PM with Regen
BatteriesBiltema Art. 80-413 (*3) 18Ah, 12.00 Volt,
Sealed lead: Max discharge 360A 60Sec and 720 for 5 sec but @ 200+ Amps the batteries are in real pain.
System Voltage36 Volts
Charger No name
Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! I mean reaally cheap Chinese 36v 1,6amp charger as onboard charger. *note* With 1.6amp you cant be in a hurry.
DC/DC Converter DC/DC What!
I dont need one and even if I did Id have to place it in a packpack or something because this bike won't fit a thing more.
InstrumentationCapacitance meter, LED type
Top Speed46 MPH (74 KPH)
AccelerationIts great! , max armature current on!
RangeNot tested but ive driven quite far when driven lightly even tho I rearly do!
Seating CapacityBearly one.
Curb Weight84 Pounds (38 Kilograms)
Conversion TimeDont know, faster then expected
Conversion CostI didnt have to pay for anything except the big bill from Kelly.
Special thanks to my workmates who laughed and said Why, why WHY! electric when there are combustion engines?

Now they say! more voltage! lets see it hit 100km/h

They have been realy supportive and got me going at all times.


090602 After adjusting the armature current to max and increased voltage to 48 I had my friend ride it again. Well now it's broken after his accidentally wheelie but atlest I manage to repair the controller.

I'll think I will aim for something with better size to work with.

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