OwnerDale E. Friedhoff
LocationGrover (St. Louis), Missouri United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2000 Ford Ranger
Ranger XLT Shortbed
MotorNetgain WarP 9 Series Wound DC
Drivetrain5 Speed Manual Transmission
ControllerEvnetics Soliton1
Batteries94 CALB/Skyenergy SE100AHA, 3.35 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
2 parallel stings
Each string contains 47 cells producing a 157 volt 200 amp hour system
System Voltage157 Volts
ChargerElcon PFC-3000
HeaterFluid heater is a work in progress, It will utilize the existing heater core providing heat to the passenger compartment.
DC/DC Converter Chennic 400 watt DC-DC Convertor
InstrumentationJDL 404 Intelligent AH Meter
VDO Tachometer and a
6-16 Volt Gauge
Auto Meter Water Temperature Gauge
Origianl Speedometer and several original warning lights
Top Speed85 MPH (136 KPH)
AccelerationSimilar to stock 6 cyl.
Range68 Miles (109 Kilometers)
68 Mile Range @ 80% Discharge
Watt Hours/Mile367 Wh/Mile
Averaging 2.4 AMP Hours per mile.
EV Miles
Start:110,085 Miles (177,126 Kilometers)
Current:113,992 Miles (183,413 Kilometers)
Total:3,907 Miles (6,286 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 Adults
Curb Weight3,760 Pounds (1,709 Kilograms)
Actual Curb Weight Before Conversion = 3,240 lbs
Actual Curb Weight After Conversion = 3,760 lbs
Conversion Time3 years
Conversion CostUnknown, we do not want to talk about that!
Member of the Gateway Electric Vehicle Club in St. Louis, Mo.(
02-01-09 Just starting the conversion process.
02-15-09 The ICE and it's associated systems have been removed.
08-10-09 Most conversion parts have arrived.
11-15-09 Installed gauges in the instrument panel and driver's door post.
11-20-09 Motor mounts are being fabricated.
12-08-09 Motor mounts are finished and installed.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUYER BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*********************************************************

03-23-10 Purchased the batteries and a charger from a vendor in the state of Washington who refuses to deliver the fully paid products and also refuses to refund my money. This has caused my project to be "Dead In The Water". Hopefully someday I will recover.


A year and half has past


09-21-11 I plan to attend EVCCON (2011) and see what is going on in the industry. Hopefully this will reenergize my thoughts and desire to continue. After the convention I will make a decision, I will either continue or I will call the junk yard and junk my truck, quit and give up.


09-26-11 EVCCON was fantastic, everyone should attend. A great time was had by all. All of the number 1 vendors in this industry participated. The informational sessions were great and were given by various industry leaders. The converted cars displayed at EVCCON, the public car show, the drag race and autocross were all fantastic events. The drag race was the quietest drag race I have ever been too. If you were not at EVCCON you really missed a great event! I met many new people and I talked to many vendors. I have decided to dig deeper into my wallet and start all over again and continue. This time I will know who I am dealing with. No more dealing over the internet with someone who is going to steel from you.


09-27-11 Placed a new order for Lithium cells with Ryan Bohm of "Netgain Controls" and "EV Source". I met Ryan at EVCCON, talked with him at great lengths and decided to purchase cells from him. I placed an order with him and he had the cells delivered and in my driveway 8 days later. I had just spent the last year and half in hell and had lost a very large amount of money just because I had placed an order over the internet with a couple of thieves that I did not personally know. Buyer Beware!!!

09-28-11 Conversion work finally begins again!!

Work has continued during the past year, I have had several ups and several downs but I have finally made it.

09-01-12 Finally had wheel turn on 09-01-12. My first drive was also that same afternoon. I cannot discribe the feeling I had on that first drive using electric power instead of gas! It was fantastic, I finally have that EV GRIN!!!

09-26-12 thru 9-30-12 Attended EVCCON 2012 and showed my truck at the event. Everyone should attend EVCCON. It is a fantastic event.


I would like to personally thank several people who have helped me with this project. Without their encouragement, guidance, expertise, and moral support, I would have never been able to complete it.

I sincerely thank all of these trusted individuals and friends !!!

Jack Rickard - EVTV
Brian Noto - EVTV
Ryan Bohm - Netgain Controls and EV Source
Sebastien Bourgeois - Eventics
George Hamstra - Netgain Motors
Matt Hauber - EV West
David Kerzel - Modular EV Power
Tim Catellier - Thanks for your friendship

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