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OwnerZbigniew Kopec
LocationGdansk, Pomorskie Poland map
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Vehicle1995 Toyota Corolla 1.4
One of several conversions, second Toyota.
MotorLEMCO LEM-200-D135 Brushless DC
84V / over 14 kW
Modified, 100V / 450A
Batteries42, 77.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
2 x 100 Ah
System Voltage84 Volts
Top Speed85 MPH (136 KPH)
Acceleration0-50 kph - 7 sec
Range430 Miles (691 Kilometers)
v=45 km/h
400 km - v=60 km/h
Curb Weight2,300 Pounds (1,045 Kilograms)

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