Front battery packMiddle battery pack
OwnerJoel Sell
LocationPhiladelphia, Pennsyvania United States map
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Vehicle1979 Volkswagen Type2/ Bus
9 Passenger '79 VW bus
MotorAdvanced DC 9 Series Wound DC
It's heavy and has an accessory shaft. did my coupler. Ask for Aaron.
DrivetrainStock Transmission, no clutch
ControllerOpen ReVolt 144v, 500a
I first went through 2 Kelly controllers. Kelly refused to
warranty the 2nd one nor pay for the damage caused by its
Now I have an Open Revolt (THANKS PAUL!) and I know
exactly what's going on with the controller. I love that it's
Batteries20, 6.00 Volt,
They weigh like 65 lbs a piece and are not sealed.
*After sitting for almost 3 years, I only had to replace 6 of
System Voltage120 Volts
10 chargers, 12V 10amp to 2amp smart charger. One
charger for every 2 batteries.
HeaterI picked up a 120v space heater from a garage sale for 5
bucks and I "borrowed" my wife's hair dryer for the front
window defroster, but haven't tried them out yet. It's currently
DC/DC Converter
Too freakin' expensive. I just have a deep cycle 12V to run
the 12v stuff. I will have to replace the battery a few times to
equal the cost of the DC/DC converter.
InstrumentationAmmeter, voltmeter and speedometer
Top SpeedI haven't gotten my brake booster vacuum set up right. Until
then, it's sloooooow speeds. So far, I haven't had it above 30
AccelerationThe controller is programmable, so I think I can get it pretty
zippy, if I want.
Range50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
With 20 batteries, at 2 to 3 miles per battery, I'm looking at
approx 50 miles, maybe more.
Watt Hours/MileDon't know yet.
Seating CapacityNINE. I have 5 kids, so with me, my wife and all our kids, we
are 7. 9 passenger buses are rare nowadays, so I searched
long and
hard for this one.
Curb Weight4,000 Pounds (1,818 Kilograms)
Rough calculations put it about 4000#, but I want to weigh it
on a scale. Gross weight is 5000#, so I'm well within the
weight limits.
TiresStock, and they need to be replaced. I see signs of dry rot.
Conversion TimeAlmost 50 hours so far.
*update* 50 more hours, we're looking at 100+ right now.
Conversion CostBetween 11 and 12k, including the cost of the bus.
I'm trying to keep the bus as stock looking as possible, with the wires running
PVC pipes under the chassis and all the batteries, chargers and controller hidden
the seats. This attempt has proven for some interesting engineering problems, but
nothing I haven't been able to handle so far. It's just taken more time than I

10/15/08 still waiting on the machinist to finish the motor/tranny
coupler, and
just a few wires left to attach. I don't have my vacuum pump yet, but it's coming.

10/17/08 HOT DOG! Picked up my coupler from the machinist yesterday. ask for Aaron. He worked with me and will take care of you.

EV GRIN!!! 2am I drove her up and down the street under her own power!!!

10/20/08 EV GRIN!!! Been driving the Creamsicle to and from work for a few days. I
it! She seems kind of slow, but I guess that's what I get with 20 six volt batteries in a
vw bus.

October 23, 2008-
1st KELLY controller unexplicably died. Kelly covered it under warranty.

November 13, 2008 2nd KELLY controller caused van to accelerate unexpectedly and
uncontrollably. Blew up motor, cracked transmission and fried controller.

November to December of 2008: continually tried to resolve issues with KELLY, but
KELLY refused not only to validate warranty, but also refused to pay for damages to

January 2009: contacted KELLY through lawyer and requested to resolve matter
outside of court, but KELLY refused.

January 20, 2010: Met KELLY in the Municipal Courts of Philadelphia, argued my case
against their lawyer, and I WON! Court awarded me $5099. KELLY has 30 days to
appeal or pay.

February 20, 2010: No word from KELLY yet. Their 30 days are up.

March 12 2010: Still nothing from KELLY

July 27 2010: Still nothing from KELLY. They probably think I have forgotten, but I

*UPDATE* Sept 2011- I FINALLY got Kelly to court and in front of a judge they were
ordered to pay me and they did!

JUNE 13, 2012 SHE LIVES AGAIN! The Open Revolt controler works great.

SEPT 4, 2012 Passed inspection and she's totally legal!

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