Stock Honda driveshaftAfter buildup with Mig welderTest fit of machined shaftCutting KeywayCompleted driveshaft !
Owner's Other EV1973 Auranthetic Charger
LocationOregon United States map
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Vehicle1985 Honda VT 500 C
Found on Craigslist for $300 with most of one piston coming out of the exhaust in pieces! I already have a running 500 Shadow, so I now have many extra parts. The shaft drive is a plus for me, I want a whisper quiet bike. making the motor/drive shaft connection is not too much of a problem for me as I have a well equipped machine shop at home.
MotorAdvanced DC K91-4003 Series Wound DC
6.7 "
DrivetrainShaft Drive using McMaster Carr 7/8" universal joint that is mated to a modified Honda driveshaft.
ControllerAlltrax AXE 7245
Controller, Alltrax, Programmable, 24-72 VDC, 450 amp. Bought from of Grants Pass OR.
Batteries6 other Columbia 24DCS, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
Columbia is a Portland OR battery manufacturer. Batteries bought off craigslist for $50 each, advertised as one year old NOS (new old stock). I tested with a nice battery load tester and they tested great.
System Voltage72 Volts
ChargerSoneil 1214CC
12 Volt 7 Amp SuperCharger. One for each battery.
DC/DC Converter
None yet, probably use a 12volt battery as my power load for lights, horn and signals is low.
Top Speed75 MPH (120 KPH)
From reading about other similar powered bikes, I'm guessing this will be my max.
Range20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
Again, just a guess. My trip to work is 10 miles each way with five miles on 65 mph freeway (no way around that). I'll be able to recharge at work, so hopefully my traction battery pack should hold up well.
Watt Hours/MileToo much for my tiny [public educated] brain to figure out.
EV Miles
Start:32,802 Miles (52,778 Kilometers)
Current:32,802 Miles (52,778 Kilometers)
Total:0 Miles (0 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight500 Pounds (227 Kilograms)
According to Honda manual, bike weighs about 500# dry weight. max payload is about 480#. Estimating my weight will be within max GVWR with only one rider.
Conversion TimeUnderway now, so far about 8 hours total in many small increments.
Conversion CostBike $300
Motor new $730
Batteries $300
Bike will not at look like a Honda after I'm done. Going for more of a Bobber/Indian-ish type look, as best I can.
Single seat is off one of those cheap, disposible import mini choppers. Front and rear fenders are one off an old boat trailer that I found at a local farm auction.

Finished the drive shaft machining today! Next step is the modify the lower frame rails so to better fit the battery pack. I'll also be building the base for the traction motor. Eyeballing the space around the motor I have to work with, i may be able to fit in seven 12 volt batteries.

Was so excited about the drive shaft I just had to try it out. Wired up the motor to a single battery and let her rip! Here is a one minute video, some reason my camera microphone quit working halfway through the video:

I found a cheapo import chopper last weekend that was mostly a basket case, but it came with a perfect size single seat!

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