OwnerJohn Carpentieri (Action Cooling)
LocationLake Havasu City, Arizona United States map
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Vehicle1979 Jeep CJ-7
I bought this vehicle in 1979 after my father died. Have rebuilt it several times over the years, but up until now, this will be the most drastic rebuild yet.
Motor unknown
Batteries0.00 Volt,
HeaterOne thing that I do plan on doing is installing Air conditioning. I am in the HVAC field (Action Cooling) and I do live in the desert. I have been doing some research and found quite a nice electric brushless DC hermetic unit with controller that I plan on using. I find it odd that most EV's are not such equipped.
Seating Capacity4 adults
Conversion Timejust started 9/3/08, That night I gutted Her.

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