1974 VW Super BeetleEngine CompartmentCharging CircuitInterior 2PakTrakrEngine Compartment with Gasoline GeneratEngine Compartment with Labels
OwnerThomas Brennan
LocationSeaford, Delaware United States map
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Vehicle1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle
MotorD&D Motor Systems, Inc. ES-31C 72-144 VDC 18hp Double Shaft Series Wound DC
Installing the double shaft for the option of adding a pulley as
a power take off (PTO) for alternator or A/C or Ultracapacitor
charger. Tach sensor will be from the tail shaft.
DrivetrainStandard VW Drivetrain
ControllerKelly KDH14651B
I upgraded the controller which can now handle up to 180VDC
at 650 Amps max. I wish the motor could handle 180VDC.
Batteries12 Autocraft Marine/RV Deep Cycle, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerRussco 144 Volt
Russco SC 30-120
HeaterWarm Coat, Gloves and a 1500 watt
ceramic heater powered by the Honda
DC/DC ConverterIota
Iota DC-DC converter @ 55 Amps.
8 lbs vs the 50 lb deep cycle *No brainer* I may have to run a
small battery in parallel with the Iota as the headlights are a
little dim.
InstrumentationSpeedometer, PakTrakr, Voltmeter for Ultracapacitors,
and Tachometer from SenDEC Corporation, see:

Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
Will not require anything over 60 mph, in fact, I don't intend
driving the car over 55 mph.
Acceleration60 -1500 Farad (162VDC) Maxwell Ultracapacitors
I will be using for acceleration and hill climbing. The
Ultracapacitors should take the car from 0 to 40 mph to
relieve the batteries from accelerations. First tests got
23 mph with 129 volts (48 Ucaps)
Range20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
20 mile range right now with the Marine/RV batts.
Ranbge will be depend on what UCaps do to battery use.
If I can recharge the Ultracapacitors after each acceleration,
I should be able to get the 70 mile range once I get the
I have installed a Honda EU2000i generator for recharging
the UCaps, 12V accessory battery, and a small heater.
Watt Hours/MileWill get data as soon as car is on the road
Seating Capacity2 adults - Back seat holds batteries
Curb Weight2,500 Pounds (1,136 Kilograms)
2500 lbs. with driver and 600 lbs of
TiresMichelin Energy MVX4 Plus - Low Rolling Resistance
195/65 -- Will probably change over to 155/80s
Conversion TimePurchased VW on eBay May 1, 2008
Car became roadworthy September 15, 2008
5/1/09 -Will have actual hours for conversion soon.
Conversion CostRestoration went a bit over budget
but they did a fantastic job.
This is one cool conversion.
Additional FeaturesConversion work done by
Whitney's Auto Repair
Seaford, DE

EV components from Cloud EV

Maxwell 1500 Farad (44 = 119 VDC) Ultracapacitors from The Tecate Group

VW restoration (upholstery, lights, wheel rims, seals) parts from California JBugs

VW fenders and running boards from So Cal Imports

Restoration and painting by
KLP Customs, Inc - Seaford, DE

Webpage for my Lithiums
Ordered 48 100Ah LiFePO4 China Hi Power with BMS and 3000 watt charger
Stage 1 is complete and the car was on the road and made it to 50mph with no
problems. The only thing left is to install the Ultracapacitors and on board generator.

11/18/2008 - Finally got it inspected and tagged so I am now Street Legal.

1/01/2009 - Happy New Year! Rewired the batt pack and added upgraded controller.
Should be back on the road by Jan 10, 2009.

1/09.2009 - Back on the road! With the new Kelly Controller I was able to achieve
decent acceleration and 50 mph with a little pedal left. The motor and batts only have
about 40 miles so I anticipate better once everything is broken in. Once I can afford a
Honda EU2000i generator (can run on gasoline, CNG, or propane) I will install the
Ultracapacitors which will help with acceleration and hill climbing. The generator will
be used to recharge the Ultracaps, keep the 12V accessory
battery charged, and provide some AC power for heating.

Another test drive with the new controller. Very good acceleration and smooth ride at
40 mph. I will be doing a number of short rides to break in the motor and batteries
and then do a test to 80% DOD to see what range I can expect. I will be
reprogramming the controller soon to see if changing any of the parameters makes
any difference.

Another short run and got it up to 60 mph on a flat surface with a headwind and a
little pedal left. Front end is a bit light and I could feel a little instability so I will add
those two extra batteries up front to help
with the balance and get 144 volts as a bonus.

The car is in the shop for a paint job and some restoration. While doing the paint and
resto, they will try to find metal that can be eliminated to try to reduce the weight.
When it is finished I will install the Honda EU2000i generator and Ultracapacitors and
bring the car up to 144 Volts. I hope to have it back on the road before the end of
April. Film at 11:00 :-)

Restoration is proceeding smoothly. The Honda generator has been disassembled and
we are now in the process of finding spaces to fit all of the parts. The generator will
be placed in the engine compartment to the right of the electric motor. All of the
outlets will probably be
routed into the passenger cabin for easy access. Still looking to be back on the road
by the end of April.

Waiting for parts is a killer! New fenders, aprons, and running boards finally arrived
and the painting should be finished by the end of April. We found a home for the
generator right where I wanted it to fit. The
outlets and controls will be in the cabin for easy access to 120 VAC. I will probably
need at least another week to put the batteries and control circuitry back together so
should be back on the road by mid May. Saved some weight by losing the bumpers as
Delaware DMV
does not require bumpers for inspection. I am hoping to find someone local who can
make up some polypropylene
battery boxes.

Painting and resto almost done. Am now trying to decide if I want Vanity Tags on the
car. My alternatives thus far

VLTSWGN -- it has been done to death!
AMPSPPR -- would the non EVs ever figure it out?
ACIDTRP -- would probably get me arrested



Painting will be finished by May 22 and back to the shop to put it all back together.

A bit of delay but the electrical components, batteries and the Ultracapacitors will be
installed beginning 6/15/2009 which should put the car back on the road soon.

Redesigned placement of batteries and other components and beginning to install all
compo ents. Hoping for a debut by the end of August.

Back on the road. The only thing left to do is install the Ultracapacitors. I hope to have
an update shortly.

The Ultracapacitors and generator are installed and testing of the entire system will
begin on 01/06/2010.
I was able to get it up to 45mph in 2nd gear and then an easy 55mph in 3rd gear. I
will begin to optimize the driving once the tach is installed. Although I don't intend
doing more than 55mph, I hesitate to use 4th gear until I know what RPMs I am
dealing with.

I will install the tachometer today and make preparations to fire up the Ultracapacitors
and do some initial testing within the next few days.

Making some safety changes to the Ultracapacitor pack and will begin testing next
week. The tachometer was a perfect choice. Now I don't have to worry about RPMs
which makes driving the car a lot less stressful. I am geting an easy 20 miles with
lousy batteries. The motor and batteries are still not broken in so even with
lousy batteries my range should be increasing.

We were snowbound (24") and without power or heat for 44 hours The onboard 2000
watt Honda generator supplied power for the refrigerator and two 250 watt heat lamps
OR one 1500 watt ceramic heater. Some of the batteries were called into play to run a
heat lamp or the computer or a 60 watt light bulb and an electric blanket. Having a
PHEV has even more appeal after getting through the Blizzard of 2010.

But .... this was one of the reasons I designed and built this car. I had always planned
that it could be used in an emergency and it performed flawlessly. We were cozy, had
lighting, heat and even got to do some *couch potato* videos that I had previously
downloaded from iTunes.

I learned a lot from this experience and have already begun planning how the car and
its available power will be used in the next emergency.

And guess what????? The wife no longer whines about my *Toy*

The snow is almost gone and I will be able to get the car out of my garage. The
Ultracapacitors are ready to go. I will be charging them and testing my discharge
circuit and hope to be under Ucap power during the first week of March.

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