From scratchNew paintMotor/adapter/gearbox
OwnerBrett Bishop
LocationBrisbane, Queensland Australia map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1980 Mazda RX7 Series 1
MotorNetgain Warp 9 Series Wound DC
Drivetrain4 speed gearbox, no clutch direct coupled
Controller Logisystems 144V 750A
Batteries144.00 Volt,
Looking at 160Ah --> 45 LiFePo4 batteries
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerZivan NG3
DC/DC ConverterIota DLS-45
600w version
Top SpeedWe'll see
RangeShould be about 100km at 80% DOD. If I get that I'll be very, very happy. Indications from other cars say I should get more.
EV Miles
Start:68,125 Miles (109,613 Kilometers)
Current:68,125 Miles (109,613 Kilometers)
Total:0 Miles (0 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4
Tires13" with standard original tyre size 185/70R13
Conversion CostSo far AU$4700 as of 14th Oct 2008

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