TWIKE 434 at SynkromotiveTWIKE 434 charging in downtown Portland,TWIKE 434 at homeTWIKE 434 on the way homeTWIKE 434 on the way home
OwnerPhil Hochstetler
LocationPortland, Oregon United States map
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Vehicle1998 TWIKE III Active
MotorLandert Custom Induction 3-Phase AC
3kW continuous / 5kW peak (6.7 horsepower)
Drivetraindirect drive with differential gear
Controller 336 V, 20Amp with regen (programmable)
Based on TB Woods E-TRAC WFC2000 AC
Inverter with factory mods for battery
charging and driving car.
Batteries2 Sanyo CP-3600CR, 336.00 Volt, Nickel-Cadmium, Sealed/Dry
Replaced cells (May 2011) with SANYO
3.6Ah C sized cells. Total capacity is
now 7.2 Ah.
(description below is original pack):
280 C sized cells per pack (Panasonic
P280CR cells), 2
packs (5.6 Ah when new, estimated at
4 Ah now). Cells are tab welded into
groups of 20 cells (14 groups). Each
group is temperature monitored and each
2 groups is voltage monitored.
System Voltage336 Volts
Charger Built into controller
Voltage and current limits settable via
keypad (435V and 5A/10A defaults for
firmware). Waits for batteries to be
below 30C temperature (runs fans), then
does CC until voltage limit hit, then
till 7 degree temp rise/min, then 1
of balancing charge, ending with a
trickle charge. Quick charge avoids
cooling and can charge with batteries
hot as 40C, charges at 10A rate by
default, terminates at 3C temperature
rise, and skips the balance phase.
InstrumentationSpeedo led based, low battery light, 2 x
16 backlight LCD display for various speed
and battery parameters. Display
selectable while driving.
Top Speed53 MPH (85 KPH)
Limited by controller.
Acceleration0 to 40 in 9 seconds.
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
New batteries are estimated to reach about
40 miles of range.
15 to 20 was estimated w/ two 13 year old
batteries (most was about 15 in practice).
Watt Hours/Mile60 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Start:58 Miles (93 Kilometers)
Current:3,621 Miles (5,826 Kilometers)
Total:3,563 Miles (5,732 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight520 Pounds (236 Kilograms)
This is the weight with batteries but no
TiresPirelli ML 75 2.50-16 front and rear
(replaced 10 year old original tires).
Replacing broken BMS board and replacing
all NiCd cells by spring 2011 (completed in
May 2011). Should be back on the
road shortly. Replacing the 2.8Ah Panasonic
cells with new (but hard to find) 3.6Ah SANYO

Despite the fact I have several non working
spares, I was not able to get 2 working
boards. After some thought, I offered it up
to anyone looking for a project. I ended up
donating it to Pacific University in Forest
Grove, Oregon on 2/9/2020. Hopefully, they
will find it fun to work on and get back on
the road.

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