Custom rear Avid BB7 mountain bike disc1000 watt 48V Brushless motor from Power48 Volt 35 amp brushless controllerCustom larger battery box holds 48V 20AHI added turn signals & brake lightsBike computer made for jogging strollersmulti LED voltage meter for 48 volts
OwnerAndy Schank
Owner's Other EVs2007 Xtreme X 1200
2001 KHS Westwood
Electric Trek 950 Singletrack
LocationRichmond, California United States map
Vehicle2006 Lashout Electric Scooter
I started out with a Lashout 400 watt scooter and modified it into a 1000 watt 48 Volt 32MPH 20 mile range small transporter
Motor Powerpack motors Brushless DC
These are modified motors of the Brushless Currie variety
DrivetrainPowerpack Motors 1000 watt Brushless motor and 48V 35 amp controller
Controller 48V 35amp brushless
This is a matched converter that is sold as a kit from Powerpack
BatteriesPing Battery, 48.00 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
Ping Battery 48 Volt 20AH battery. 2c output continuous, 3c peak output
System Voltage48 Volts
Chargerunknown 2 amp, 60.7 volt shut off. supplied with battery p


Top Speed32 MPH (51 KPH)
I cruise at about 25 MPH, but it will easily go over 30 MPH on level ground
Accelerationjust tested it , and it will go zero to 100 feet in about 5.5 seconds at a speed of 17.5 MPH.
Range20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
Only had a 7 mile range with 4 12V 10AH High rate LA batteries. Nearly tripled the range with the LIFEPO4 battery
Watt Hours/MileI can travel about 1 mile per AH of battery capacity for a total of 20 miles per charge
EV Miles
Current:300 Miles (482 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight85 Pounds (38 Kilograms)
gained a few pounds form the bigger motor & separate controller. Saved about 20 pounds when the LIFEPO4 pack went in.
Tires12 X 2.25
Conversion Time1 week or so
Conversion Cost$1200
Additional FeaturesI modified the rear section to take an Avid mountain bike disc brake set up. The adapter was from EV Deals, the brake is stock bike shop Avid BB7.

I had to remove the original battery box and fabricate a new one to fit the 4.5" X 6" X 11" LIFEPO4 battery.
This scooter is a smooth ride at fairly high speeds. It has twin rear shocks, and a suspension fork. It is made in Taiwan with higher level of components than most of the small power board type of scooters, including very heavy duty smooth rolling alloy wheels. I have even ridden on some dirt fire roads. It climbs hill well with my 170 pounds on it. I can go up 10% grades at over 20 MPH. Could use a few more amps for the longer, steeper hills. Taking off from the line it gets to 20MPH pretty quickly.

Motor and controller run fairly cool even after an extended run.

code by jerry