OwnerMatthew Lacey
Owner's Other EV2006 e-max sport
LocationPerth, Western Australia Australia map
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Vehicle1987 Toyota MR2 aw11
under construction atm, parts are being ordered.
MotorAdvanced DC twin x91 6.7 Series Wound DC
two 6.7" adc x91s direct to diff.
ControllerCafe Electric zilla EHV 2k
2000A 400v series wound controller...biggest I could find.
Batteries90 Thunder Sky lfp90aha, 288.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
90 units 90AH thunderky LiFePO4.

at max power point gives 90kw, ie 450A@207v
System Voltage288 Volts
Charger 288v self build
My setup will initial only have the 6x48v2.5A chargers bought from e-crazyman off ebay.

Later I will add 6x48v20A chargers from Kipooint wired in 3-phase for charging quicker at home.
Heatermight look into a reverse cycle aircon based one later on, but atm,
a ceramic heater will have to get me through rego.
DC/DC Converter 500w
Will probably buy the DC-DC converter from www.evpower.com.au WebPage

Instrumentationwill have AH counter,
usual car gauges,
3 motor temp sensors (armature, field, brushes),
and pack volt meter
Accelerationshould be 0-100kmh in 6sec
Range100 Miles (160 Kilometers)
Watt Hours/Mile240 Wh/Mile
I hope for this, will test once project complete enough to do so
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight0
post conversion will weigh 1150kg, an increase of 100kg from stock.....gotta love lithium
Tirescurrently 185-65R14
Conversion Timenot complete
Conversion Costall up, should be less than $45k AUD.
Major components:
zilla 2k: $6000
288v 90AH lithuim pack: $13122
charger and BMS: $3000
3-phase fast(ish) charger: $1200
twin adc 6.7s: $5000
aw11 mr2: $4150
36A DC-DC converter: $300
well i found out the warp 9 goes into saturation alot earlier than i expected (at around 2-300A instead of 1000A), so it cant give me anything like enough torque. looks like im going to have to use either 2ximpulse 9s or maybe a warp 11, depends on what fits.

since i need a higher dif ratio than expected, i might swap in a rx7 rear end instead of an mx5 rear end, at the suggestion of friend. (25-07-08)


turns out a kostov 11 would be a better motor.
interpoles are wonderous things for a commutator it seems.

ended up buying 2 x91s to fit in the centre tunnel, since there was no way an 11 would fit in the engine bay.
also changed my mind for the diff to a 4.1:1 bmw diff as it includes the speedo pick up. (15-08-08)

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