OwnerRobert Gee
LocationEvansville, Indiana United States map
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Vehicle1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse
(Plymouth Laser version, sa:

Acquired May 20, 2008. It is in good
shape and was well maintained; however
the previous owner reports that it quit
running a "couple" of years ago and they
could not figure out why. Going over
the detailed maintenance records, it
looks like the car quit running in 2005
(3 yrs.) because that is where the paper
trail ends.
UPDATE: I spoke with the car's previous
mechanic and he says it has a bad engine
computer. If I replace it, I could get
it running long enough to test the
systems so that I know what parts are
reusable in the conversion and what
removable parts I can sale.
You are not going to believe this, the
old battery which is at least 3 years
old, took a charge and tests good.
Wow! so many choices. It is all very
confusing. I figure a smaller motor
should get me farther using less power;
however, I want enough power that I am
proud to be seen behind the wheel. If
any one has any suggestions from
experience, I am open to suggestions; I
would like to do this project
economically, so a used motor is
acceptable. For what little I know, I
am thinking that I should try to stay in
the DC mode throughout for efficiency,
but that could be off base too.
I am wondering if it would be feasible
to align two smaller electric motors
back to back, where both kick in when
demand for more power is required, but
only one runs at moderate cruising
speeds. Does anyone have any ideas on
this concept - how to implement - if it
has been done - etc?
I am going to check out the local golf
cart shop to see if they have some old
motors they want to sell or donate.
This could get me some low-cost way of
testing my ideas without blowing the
budget. If I find this method too
lightweight, I may learn enough to know
where to head next.
DrivetrainStock 5-speed Manual; originally comes
with a small but peppy 2L gasoline motor
and 5 speed manual trans-axle, front-
wheel drive. I am open to suggestions
on what to replace this with. I would
like to do this project economically, so
a used motor is acceptable. I would love
to use wheel motors, but I may have to
save this for later as they become
available and on another car where this
design can be implemented with
reasonable work; I plan to mount the
motor to the trans-axle, but I do not
know how that works together as far as
shifting gears with electric.
I better figure out the motor and battery
first, but I am receptive to ideas - I am
learning electrical, but it is not my area
of expertise. DC?
Batteries0.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Thin Metal Film
UPDATE 6/7/08: I discovered a potential
good deal on a "Marine" Lead/Acid at
Autozone; they have a 12V, 1,000AH, with
180 drain factor for $70 each.
Unfortunately, these are not AGM, but
they could make a good temporary power
system until I find the battery of my
dreams even if they do weight too much
and take up too much space. Maybe I
will use a cart and pull them along.
Another battery with potential over
lithium is the futuristic lightweight
lead acid micro-cell foam Oasis battery
they say is 'going' to be released
Summer 2008, but I get the feeling they
are still years away. I was on the
firefly web site and it looks like they
are looking for the employees that will
get the plant started. Hey maybe I
should see if they will hire me.
Open for suggestions. DC?
HeaterElectric I guess; what are the options? I
saw where someone listed ceramic (a type
of ele.). I have decided that rubbing two
sticks together is out of the question!
DC/DC Converter
Open for suggestions. DC?
I have not done any research on this, but
the 'evalbum' website advertised this one
InstrumentationI want to put in full gauges that blend
into the original panel to look like
they belong if possible - i needs to
look professional. I really like the
colorful LED gauges that I recently saw
advertised on the Internet. I hope I
saved that web site.
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
The gas engine is rated at 132 hp (101kw
at 4700 rpm), with a top speed rated
around _?_. I would like to drive on the
highway some.
AccelerationIt was a sports coupe, I would like to
keep similar drive experience; it should
be peppy.
Range100 Miles (160 Kilometers)
I hope to get a respectable range,
especially if I make it a hybrid with
solar and regenerative braking. There may
be a couple of ways to implement, but I
have not checked this out yet.
Watt Hours/MileThis is a smaller, lighter-weight vehicle,
so I am expecting to see decent results.
Understanding electrical design is my
weakness, and I am open for suggestions.
EV Miles
Start:205,000 Miles (329,845 Kilometers)
Current:205,000 Miles (329,845 Kilometers)
Total:0 Miles (0 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityThere is room for me along with up to
three others (I am dreaming of one tall
slender model and two somewhat shorter
sexy chicks (shortness helps to squeeze
into the skimpy back seat); however,
this may change as I anticipate the back
seat may end up housing some of the
batteries. I guess I will have to take
numbers on which pretty girl gets to
take a ride, unless they are willing to
scrunch in and ride on each other's
laps. ;o) [...now girls there is no
need to fight over me... oh it is not
me, it is the car you want. Ah, such is
Curb Weight2,531 Pounds (1,150 Kilograms)
2,531 is the OEM weight - more than I
thought it would be. I may try to have
it weighed if possible (both before and
after). If I get it started, I could
take it by the local scrap metal yard to
weigh. I am considering replacing the
body to save weight, but that would be
the last thing I will do.
TiresI am thinking I should stay with all
four wheels, ;o) ...although they have
to be updated with something attractive
and preferably lightweight. It has
mundane stock wheels and tires, but I am
looking for something lightweight and
shiny that show off the transformation
(along with some low friction tires that
will be less noticeable but more
Conversion TimeJune 2008 to May 2009, no longer than that
- I hope!
Conversion CostI plan to shop around, looking for
budget parts to keep this under $5,000.
Is it possible? I want to keep the cost
. Good news so far...
. - * Donor car . . . . . . . $150.00
. - * Delivery (donated) . . . . 0.00
The car itself was cheap, but the rest
of the parts; ooh-la-la I need to rob a
Additional FeaturesDREAMING SECTION
It has A/C and I would like to maintain this feature
considering the humid hot conditions we have in the summer.
The car has a sun roof, but I would like to make it a
convertible to make a statement that driving is fun again!
Of course with the top off, I may not need the A/C system!
I saw where a company is selling roof-top solar systems for
the Toyota Prius and it looks like it would fit on my car
top, which means I cannot have both a solar system and a
convertible (until some of the future solar technologies
that can be woven into materials are developed)
Am I the only one from SW Indiana with an conversion
project? I bet there are others out there. My project is
starting in June 2008. I will begin striping the donor
car and collecting parts soon. Optimistically, I hope to
complete the project this year; however, realistically, I
better plan on a year. I am interested in finding others
in my area to work with. We could start a club or
something like that. At the very least, a group to
support design and construction. Does anyone have any
suggestions how to get started? I have been talking it up
and handing out my business card to those who are
interested or my know someone. I also posted an ad on

UPDATE: I want to commend Mike Chancey making this album
available! Great job! Insightful! This site is a nice
resource to compare conversions and to communicate with
others about our projects. HOWEVER, I hope someday we can
find a way for the site to send a notice when certain cars
update their information. I want to keep up with the work
of sister cars (Eclipses, Talons, and Lasers). Also, it
would be handy to chart design and performance results for

I need to start a web site and shorten this thing up.

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