Drive to WorkLITHIUM MILEAGEWICOM Touch Screen BMSBed tilted!Motor installed.Open up and say AHH!Tucked inCoca-Cola EV Parking Front Battery Box Mounts
OwnerBrian Mathis
Owner's Other EVs2013 Chevrolet Volt
1997 Chevrolet S-10
1989 Ford Probe
2012 Chevrolet Volt
LocationColgate, Wisconsin United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1994 Chevrolet S-10
Netgain controller died, had to buy a new one.

MotorNetgain WarP 9 Series Wound DC
9", 160V max, 7000 rpm max.
Drivetrain5 speed manual.
ControllerNetGain Controls 1000A
1000 amp
Batteries50 Thunder Sky 46 - 160AH & 4 - 200AH, 3.30 Volt, Lithium-Ion
160 AH each. WiCom Touch Screen Battery Management Sysytem (BMS) installed
System Voltage148 Volts
ChargerManzanita Micro PFC-20B With Buck Enhancer Battery Charger
110V or 220V, multi voltage (110 or 220VAC)charger. Wired for
220V, made an adapter cable for 110V.
HeaterCeramic 1500 watt, going to up it to 3K watts. Bought the ceramic
heater from BIG LOTS for $18. Same as the $150 one you'd buy
from ev parts web sites.
DC/DC ConverterIota 45 AMP
Installed shorting plug. Cut green wire and placed relay in series.
With ignition on, I get full charge. Ignition off it trickle charges.
InstrumentationWicom BMS Energy Management System With Display. Email
Mandy @
Had Pak-Traker removed it, does not work.
Top Speed115 MPH (185 KPH)
The little needle stops at 85...
Range80 Miles (128 Kilometers)
With Thundersky's 80 miles running stop signs, 45 mph top speed and timing traffic lights, hardly ever stopping.
Watt Hours/MileNeed to do for lithium...
EV Miles
Current:40,200 Miles (64,681 Kilometers)
    As of 10/5/2015
Seating Capacity3
Curb Weight3,500 Pounds (1,590 Kilograms)
3077lbs originaly, 500?lbs batteries, less motor/gas
Lighter than a stock S10
Conversion TimeThree days for the initial conversion...
Conversion CostTruck, motor, controller, batteries, and misc parts- $21,000.00 -
Cost of monthly electricity- $40.00 - Driving past the gas station-
Additional FeaturesTiltable bed, a separate wattmeter I have reset to zero to monitor every kilowatt going into the truck. Its wired to a 30 amp breaker.

Ceramic heat $40 (Two 110VAC ceramic heaters $20 ea from hardware store, pulled ceramic cores and wired them to the 144VDC through a HV dc relay)
I was able to reset the odometer to 000000.0!

01 Jul 08- Engine removed.
02 Jul 08- Ordered parts.
15 Jul 08- Bed removed. Bed is tiltable. Batteries underneath.
Aug -waiting on parts
Sep -waiting on parts
22 sep 08- Got the air springs, Pak-Traker.
24 Sep 08- All but motor and either controller showed up.
30 Sep 08- Welding battery boxes frame under bed.
4 Oct 08- Welded in left side battery box.
5 Oct 08- Fabricated right side battery box.
8 Oct 08- Installed rear air helper springs.
8 Oct 08- Welded in right side battery box.
11 Oct 08- Tested Pak Traker, worked fine.
12 Oct 08- Installed motor and trans.
14 Oct 08- Fixed throwout bearing, wired truck power, tested motor in 5th gear with a 12V batt,
odometer reads 000000.1, more welding in rear.
16 Oct 08- Welded bumper on bed, more to go...
17 Oct 08- Made half of the 2/0 cables.
18 Oct 08- Finished welding on bumper, mounted the brakes air pump.
19 Oct 08- Finished cables, connected charger and Pak-Traker.
20 Oct 08- Pulled bed to move it closer to original position.
21 Oct 08- Re-installed bed and welded hinges, now I can bolt it down.
26 Oct 08- Made a wood battery box for the bed for winter, insulated and heated.
28 Oct 08- put 24 batteries in box in bed. Front battery box showed up! It fits!
29 Oct 08- Fit foam in front battery box, added batteries, cables.
30 Oct 08- Welded mounts for the front battery box, mounted box, main contactor, throttle POT.
2 Nov 08- Started wiring main battery pack. Connected one row of batteries in a loop and killed
6 batteries. Fire, molten lead, sparks....
3 Nov 08- Replaced batteries, finished wiring HV pack.
4 Nov 08- Completed wiring, tested and blew the Kelly controller. Sparks, flames, engine going
to who knows what speed,, .6 miles on odometer! Talking to Kelly to see about a fix. (fix was to
use a precharge resistor to charge capacitors in controller slowly. Instant cap charge causes
10 Nov 08- Went to Illinios and picked up a new controller. Faster than shipping.
11 Nov 08- Installed new (used) Kelly controller. Will check wiring before running it.
12 Nov 08- Ran it 2 miles using 36V worth of batteries. POT is bad, bought one at Radio
Shack. Will shoot for 144V tomorrow.
13 Nov 08- 144V tested good, had to use old POT which was good, bad meter.
14 Nov 08- installed batt charger and dc/dc converter. Wiring them up tomorrow.
15 Nov 08- FINISHED! Sort of... everything is done, took it for a test drive and with the kelly
controller (KDH4500B), only got up to 40 MPH, same as the other truck with the earlier version
Kelly (KDH4500). Wont go up any sort of a hill in anything other than 1st gear.
16 Nov 08- Blew up the DC/DC converter by using the manzanita battery pack charger and
adjusted the "amps" too high. Apparently the AMPS knob also increases the voltage! Ordered
new dc/dc converter.
17 Nov 08- Went to Kelly support and swapped the 500 amp for a 650 amp controller
18 Nov 08- Installed new 650 Amp Kelly (KDH4650B), road tested slightly faster than the 500
amp, but not anything I'd try and take on the highway. Top speed is 44 mph downhill.
24 Nov 08- Informed Curtis 1231C is in mail!
03 Dec 08- Installed Curtis
08 Dec 08- Wired Curtis "on" 144V signal to the POT input. Blew the throttle card! Sending it
out, ordering another Curtis.... Will try and wire it correctly next time. Wish they didn't put all
those male spades for the throttle and "on" signal right next to each other. Also, two different
versions of how to wire the HV and LV, throttle in the same manual. Wonder which one is
correct, one shows 12V to the "on signal, other shows 144V to "on" signal...
10 Dec 08- Opened the Curtis 1231C. It was easy, remove the two rubber covers on each of
the 8 holes, remove the mounting screws and plastic inserts. I used a kerosene heater I use to
heat the garage to warm the top of the controller. I had a coat hangar tied through two of the
lugs, B+ and B-, heated the top, turning constantly, and used a rasor knife to go along the edge
of the case where the black rubber seal is, and then heated again, and pulled it right out!
11 Dec 08- Installed new Curtis, Connected properly. Good to go! Sent old one for repair.
12 dec 08- made 110V adapter plug for charging away from home. Need to bring an extension
cord also.
13 DEC 08- drove 20 miles to an EV event. Barely made it home! Cold batteries suck. Didn't
use the adapter plug I just made! Didn't bring an extension cord. Will wire battery warmer
(gutter wire) next.
20 Dec 08- Wired front battery heater, took two days, but got it from 20 degrees to 60!
23 Dec 08- Wired rear battery heater. Plugged in, pulls 1.75 +/- amps. gets them to 60 degrees
in 20 degree temp.
28 Dec 08- Got the Pak-Traker installed. Found a 4.2V 6V battery, tried charging it, replaced it.
6 Jan 09- 2nd battery termial fried, this time while driving home. I was able to move the cable
and get a good connection, enabling me to make it home. I drove slow to keep amps down, to
help not melt it again. My Pak Traker has numerous burnt wires in the same battery box, no-
where near the burnt batt post?????
7 Jan 09- Replaced bad battery, replaced ALL 48 terminal nuts with nuts that have a knurl on
the bottom. Torqued. Found two more loose terminals.
8 Jan 09- warmed batts to 70 degrees, drove 20+ miles, leaving it overnight with no charging,
drove another 20 miles the next day = I have the range in cold weather to make it to work and
24 Jan 09- Took batteries out of the bed and started finishing the battery boxes under the bed.
01 Feb 09- Spent all weekend forming battery box for rear. Need to find space for two more,
probably under hood.
8 Feb 09- Added a electric cylinder to raise and lower the bed, installed a manual steering
gearbox. Installed all but two batteries.
12 Feb 09- Installed the last two batteries above the frame and cut a hole in the bed so it will
lower over the batteries.
14 Feb 09- Wired batteries and started driving again!
5 Mar 09- Re-wired half of Pak Traker, using spade connectors soldered to 2/0 HV lugs instead
of the lugs that come with Pak Traker (HV lugs loosened up with Pak Traker lugs)
14 Mar 09- Installed Zilla 1K
16 Mar 09- Took first drive with Zilla! Way faster than with the ICE!!!
18 Mar 09- windshield wiper fluid pump failed, Zilla eventually overheated, limited to under
19 Mar 09- Aquarium pump installed, got 78 mph...30 degrees outside...
20 Mar 09- re-routed Pak-Traker wires away from the HV wires, works now. Drove 20 miles in
20+ degree weather, Pak-Traker says I still have 38% left. Still had good accel even uphill.
21 Mar 09- Replaced bad Pak-Traker remote.
22 Mar 09- Batteries at 60 degrees in 40 degree weather, got 30 miles range today.
4 Apr 09- Found out I have 3:73 gears in the rear, would like to swap for 3:08 or better for
range and speed. Charged between driving, fully charged in less than 3 hours.
9 Apr 09- Wired 220 connector for stby generator to charge port.
12 Apr 09- Blew the Manzanita 20 by using a generator to power it. Looks like the CAP on the
PSA25L-150 board, $25 for a new one.
16 Apr 09- The $25 regulator board fixed it! (Thank God!)
19 Apr 09- Found leaking, rusted Left Rear brake line.
23 Apr 09- Replaced the rear axle with a 3:08 gearset. Found how to adjust the speedometer
using jumpers in the DRAC. Pulled the DRAC.
25 Apr 09- With new gear ratio in rear end, it humms only in 4th and 5th gears under any
acceleration, but nothing in 3rd at full accel. Might be the Zilla's running of the motor.
27 Apr 09- Decided to pull the Zilla and go back to the Curtis. Better for the range I need, and
the batteries, but I loved the acceleration! Zilla removed, Curtis installed, still needs to be wired.
28 Apr 09- Curtis installed. Only got 16 miles. Still vibrates above 40 MPH... Might just have to
keep the Zilla.
29 Apr 09- Range is down to 14 miles even with the Curtis. Debating putting the Zilla back in...
6 May 09- Reset battery charger to higher charge, got 20.5 miles. Will keep increasing till I get
6.5V per battery. Zilla is going back in.
7 May 09- Found the charger set incorrect to fully charge the batteries, 6.25V VS 6.50V per
battery. I'm performing a equalization charge and resetting the "full" charge.
8 May 09- Still needs to charge more (6.40V) but got 25.1 miles, could've gone a little more,
batteries getting pretty low.
21 May 09- Charged all night and day, and still showed it need a charge, so I considered it fully
charged, adjusted the Manzanita to show a full charge. Batteries read 6.4V, still shy of the 6.5
after a day of sitting, I was used to, but drove it today and got 41.6 miles with headlights on half
the trip, and had some more left, but why push it!?!!!
22 May 09- Another 37 mile day, cooler weather, didn't push it too far, save batteries...I need 38
miles, mostly highway to get to work and back.
28 May 09- Started installing the Zilla again.
29 May 09- Finished installing the Zilla. Put a 12V water pump for cooling, made it turn on with
pedal, off without. Drove 30 miles, I think the Zilla cuts out when the battery voltage goes too
low. Was running just below 126V. Might have also been too hot. The water pump really pushes
the water fast. My Pak-Traker kept reseting again and showed full charge after 30 miles...
31 May 09- Water pump lasted 30 miles. The pump was mounted up high, lost water and
overheated and melted. Installed my spare down low. Found out to program Zilla, just use the
esc button to start things! Lowered amps so I don't kill my pack.
6 Jun 09- Replaced 3:08 rear end with the original. The 3:08 was from a 4x4 causing the angle
to the tranny to be off, caused a vibration above 40mph. Took it on the highway 20 miles.
13 Jun 09- Test drove 40.5 miles batteries were very low, about 120V at 200 amps, but it made
it. Might take it to work Monday (will take the generator just in case!)
16 Jun 09- Tried it on the highway, only get 32 miles, but thats what I need. I'm driving it to
work tomorrow.
17 Jun 09- Made it work and back (32 miles), and still had some left. The Zilla is set so at 125V
it limits the available current.
22 Jun 09- Zilla cooling 12V water pump died on highway. I'll install a motor controller on the
next pump to limit the speed.
30 Jun 09- Installed motor controller, works great! Limits flow of cooling water to the Zilla. Need
to put a 3:08 ratio back in, range is 32 miles, enough to get to work and back, mostly highway.
12 Jul 09- Installed 3:08 rear end, drove 2 miles, about tp get on highway and the pinion
bearing went, locked up the rear tires as I was driving 30 MPH. One step forward, two steps
18 Jul 09- It dont get better... bought two rear ends, a 3.08 gear set, gave back a 4x4 3.08 rear
end as a core, removed and installed the rear end several times, and spent almost $800, and I
end up with my original ratio!
20 Jul 09- Range sucks, almost 33 miles. Need to rethink the 3.08's, check batts, motor
brushes, connections...
28 Jul 08- Weather finally warmed up past 65 degrees. Took the truck to work and back
highway all the way! Was Doing 55 to 60, coasting to the rush hour bunch!
13 Aug 09- Installed the Zivan charger in the Probe, and found it charging more than what the
Manzanita in the S10 was charging the batteries, which means, I have not been charging the
s10's batteries all the way. Also found my 220V is really 110...
16 Aug 09- Used a liquid battery charge guage and found that the full charge was barely at the
low end of the scale. Adjusted the charger, and I'm half way there, adjusted again, still charging.
Also, reduced Zilla motor battery current from 500 to 300 amps. It helped the throttle jerky
response, but acceleration sucked. Adjusted it up another 50 amps, will test after full charge.
17 Aug 09- Woo Hoo!!! Went to work, hit every red light, went home, they closed the darn
street! ended up going 41 miles, and still had plenty left!!! All this time, I wasn't fully charging
the batteries. Even though a meter says 6.5V, it appears only a specific gravity meter will tell
you if its really at full capacity.
23 Aug 09- Charger set properly, drove 60 miles today! Made a 220V adapter plug. Can now
charge 110 or 220.
29 Aug 09- Barely made it home, batteries weren't fully charged after charging overnight...
Adjusted charger again! Hitting close to 190V while charging. May swap the Zivan in the 89
Probe and see if its any better...
09 Sep 09- Why does the amps go down as the speed goes up, with a constant pedal travel?
Voltage has to be going up. I'm testing going 65-70 on the way to work, see if range is better.
Coasting longer...
10 Sep 09- It seems to work, faster is better! Did 60-65 32 miles, had plenty of juice left over.
10 Oct 09- Cold is here, limited to 20 miles...
17 Oct 09- Limited to 14 miles... Installed tach.
1 Nov 09- Tach is nice to see as I shift gears without tach, I was shifting at about 5500-6500
rpm. 4th to 5th is not that big a drop in rpm, so I'm keeping it in 4th longer. Yes, I use all the
gears! I don't see wher these people come up with "lock it in third and drive like an automatic"
You'd have no acceleration at first, and would blow the motor at about 50 mph!
7 Nov 09- Installed Curtis fuel gage, started insulating rear battery boxes. Placed plastic over
batteries, then foamed with "Great Stuff", then placed more plastic over that, fills the gaps!
3 Dec 09- Tested a 1500 watt heater, its going in this weekend. Awsome amount of heat -
13 Dec 09- Dash tore apart, ceramic heater installed on adapter plate.
17 Dec 09- Heater installed, dash back in. Tested, works pretty good, two would be better.
Bought two $20 ceramic heaters from "big lots", tore apart just for ceramic heater and safety
20 Dec 09- Ceramic heater uses 12-14 Amps when fan is on.
2 Jan 10- Friend gave me a 400 VDC 100 amp relay, will use for ceramic heater.
1 Mar 10- Getting 20 mile range with temp getting above 32 during the day. Will start taking to
work again.
13 Mar 10- Installed HV DC relay for S10 battery charger and ceramic heat. ow battery only
charges with truck turned "on".
14 Mar 10- Coca-Cola is letting me charge at work! Anyone want a 2008 Mini?
22 Apr 10- Coca-Cola has a charge station and lets me charge for free while working (started
11 Jun 10- Batteries are getting really hot, will let them rest a day, then lower the charger
14 Jul 10- I've overheated the batteries 3 times now. Have at least one bad one. Batteries got
to 180 degrees F. Yeouch!!!
21 JULY 10- Replaced two batteries with low voltage, now I have batteries with 6.70v and some
as low as 6.2v --- THIS MAY BE THE END... I can barely make it to work, charge there and try
and make it home. 16 miles... Going, going, gone!!!
30 July 10- Found four of the front batteries are still showing low on the specific gravity meter
after charging and letting them settle (two of the 6 front batteries are new)will charge or replace
so I get my full range back.
10 Aug 10- Its done. Overcharged again! Almost all fluid is gone from all the batteries. Driveway
is full of battery acid. Should have gone with LITHIUM at the start.
8 Sep 10- Bought 6 new batteries, replaced 4, range up to 12 miles. I'm having posts put on
two batteries, so 4 more to install, that should fix all the bad ones.
13 Sep 10- bought 4 new batteries, installed in the worst battery positions, just to find my "not
so bad" batteries are shot. I need 16 more batteries.

Truck is dead!

20 Sep 10- Talking to 3 Thundersky companies. Getting 45 160ah. 1/3rd the weight, 3 time the cost, plus a BMS, $$$$

21 Sept 10- Got the cash, but no-one could talk me into buying thier batteries. Might stick with Lead acid.

22 Sept 10- Built 6V battery management with diodes, resistors, and light bulbs. Worked great!

Killed my Zilla. Tried to crank it up and I have popped the 24V c/b. It reads .1 ohm, opened the hairball, cleaned it, no good. Must go back to a Curtis...

27 Sep 10- Ordered 45 Thundersky's! Joined the big boy club.
4 Oct 10- Thundersky's are in the garage!
6 Oct 10- Building left kidney battery box (ALUMIN)
7 Oct 10- Building right kidney battery box
8 Oct 10- Built rear battery box, installed L & R kidney boxes.
10-10-10- All battery boxes installed, batteries placed.
12 Oct 10- Right side kidney batteries installed.
13 OCT 10- left side kidney batteries installed, rear box almost done.
14 Oct 10- All batteries in and driving!
20 Oct 10- Sent the Zilla in for repair (my fault)Zilla's are awesome!
27 Oct 10- Installed Mini BMS
29 Oct 10- Drove 63 miles on single charge (Curtis 1231C)
1 NOV 10- Zilla's back! Install soon.
4 Nov 10- Finished battery box's. Surrounded with diamond plate aluminum sheet.
6 Nov 10- Attempted install of touch screen BMS from, no instructions,
work in progress. They sent me a unit for 48 batteries, I have 46. Sent it back to China at a cost of $288, I'll update the repairs.
7 Nov 10- Zilla back in - truck go fast!
16 NOV 10- OOPS, killed a Mini BMS while rewiring HV. No spares, so to be safe and not overcharge $$$$ batteries, not driving. Ordered two Mini BMS units.
21 Nov 10- Mini BMS installed
28 Nov 10- Found the Iota DC/DC charger can be left connected to trickle charge with the shorting plug out, and a relay set on the shorting plugs green wire to engage full charging when the ignition is on.
5 Dec 10- Zilla's acting funny, gives amps to motor, then shuts off, then instantly back on. Using Zilla Viewer, found controller temp erractic, sent to Otmar for repair. Borrowed a 650 Amp modified Curtis 1231C until the Zilla is back.
12 DEC 10-Finished installing the BMS with display, everything works great! Amps, volts, E-F
gauge, and all batteries volts displayed! Email Mandy @
3 JAN 11- Had a short on the battery pack to ground. Removed everything and cleaned the
tops of the batteries. All good.
13 Jan 11- Driving always. Have not bought gas in over 2 months! Went 50 miles last night in 20 degree with heat and lights on. Still had room to go...
30 Jan 11- Looks like one of my battery connections overheated. A MiniBMS wasn't working (green light not on) replaced it, and a terminal on the next battery looks burnt/corroded. Problems to come.....??
19 Feb 11- No problems yet...
24 Feb 11- PROBLEMS!! One of my battery's posts melted, the pack is shorted to truck frame by salt spray, when charging, there is sparks and arc'ing in the motor!
25 Feb 11- Pack short caused arc'ing in motor, bad battery replaced, still have to clean off salt spray.
27 Feb 11- Cleaned batteries, short is gone, but when charging, I still get arcing in motor, also, motor wont turn when charging! Can't figure it out, so for now I'm just disconnecting the B- going to the Curtis while charging.My Zilla will be here today, so I'll install it tonight. Maybe the problems will go away...
13 Mar 11- OMG. Shorted motor caused borrowed Curtis to fry, then my charger to fry. The Curtis is toast. The Manzanita just had a shorted rectifier. $5.80 and its fixed. Pulled the motor and found a shorted field coil to the motors frame. Re-taped the coil where the short was, (was easy to tear apart motor) and its good to go. Installed my Zilla, fixed a few other things and the trucks back up and running!
22 Mar 11- Removed MiniBMS, installed the WiCom BMS. Started charging and something in the rear sparked. Shut charger off, could not find source, turned charger back on, never came back. Will check battery post connections.
28 MAR 11- Everything checked good, no sparks, maybe my imagination?
12 APR 11- All good, driving daily.
1 May 11- Removed voltmeter, using WICOM for all displays
6 May 11- Hit road at over 87 mph on a nearly full charge, needle stops at 85.
16 May 11- Installed motor speed sensor to tach
23 Jun 11- It died on the highway today, restarted after a minute...
24 Jun 11- It died at stoplight on way to work, restarted after messing with contactor coil wires
29 Jun 11- Died again. This time near accident on hwy. Had to pull over between cop car and flatbed. Cop asked if he could help me, with an attitude, so I asked if he knew anything about EV's. It started, and he rudely swung his arm out to show me the way back into traffic. What a freakin ass!
7 Jul 11- Fixed. Had corrosion on main contactor wires. Wisconsin and salted roads!
1 Aug 11- Truck is dying again. Main contact is still engaged and no faults on the Zilla, so I suspect its the overtemp sensor in the Zilla again...
4 Aug 11- Problem may be to only using one main contactor, I'm going to start using two.
6 Aug 11- Friend was showing off his El-Camino and throttle stuck, so blew the motor, I got on highway to go see, and Zilla blew! Possible shorted motor again?
Another Zilla is O/O. Should be here next week.
27 Aug 11- Motor was not shorted, but there was a nipple of metal pushing into the stator winding that was shorted earlier. Grinded it off, re-assembled motor.
28 Aug 11- New Zilla installed.
20 Sept 11- Side and rear EV stickers removed.
22 Sept 11- Netgain controller arrived
28 Sept 11- Netgain controller installed, cooling kit installed, display installed.
3 Nov 11- Added switch to turn off ceramic heaters with fan on. Lets it cool off so it doesn't melt ducting!
10 Nov 11- The 12v battery was going dead. Found the positive wire at the DC/DC had a loose connection and was burnt. Repaired.
27 Nov 11- Installed thick insulation in battery pack
29 Nov 11- Set charger to higher voltage to get lower batteries up to shunting voltage.
6 DEC 11- Batt 2:4 is low under heavy load in the cold (under 45 degrees)
11 Jan 12- Its 50 degrees, all batteries are good.
15 Mar 12- Over 20,000 miles!
26 MAR 12- Had to re-splice the coolant pump.
01 MAY 12- Sold truck to friend
27 DEC 12- Bought truck back!
20 DEC 12- Going to install a J1772 when I feel like it. 15 00 Jan 13- Over 22,000 miles!
11 Feb 13- J1772 installed. Works on 110 & 220vac
11 Feb 13- Installed new tilt bed lift cylinders
30 MAR 13- J1772 removed, pin broke too much hassle...
12 May 13- New front tires and alignment.
27 May 13- Welded in new floor pan section drivers side
25 Jul 13- Driving daily! Averaging over 30 miles a day.
07 AUG 13- Vibration in rear end. Replaced drive shaft.
08 AUG 13- Installed 4 -200ah Thundersky batteries under hood
10 AUG 13- Heat is slowing the Warp 9 controller!
22 DEC 13- Netgain controller dies at 450 or more amps
05 Apr 14- Put my controller into another EV with the same controller, did the same thing
07 Apr 14- Sent controller to Netgain
12 Apr 14- Controller at Netgain for repair
01 May 14- Netgain sent me a replacement controller
22 Sep 14- Overheats on highway after 30-40 miles in summer
08 NOV 14- Cooler, no overheating
07 Dec 14- Removed batteries, going to re-wire LEDs and BMS
03 Apr 15- Been driving daily since March
01 Oct 15- Hit a deer, right headlight pushed in

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