ICM trans adapter & flywheel - pure artCenterforce DFX clutch mountedWarP 9 secured !Engine compartment battsRear cargo & backseat battsRear cargo area looking betterAll to be crammed in the dash...Nick Harless of Midwest Electric Vehicle
OwnerRob Lehman
LocationCarmel, Indiana United States map
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Vehicle2000 Honda CR-V
MotorNetgain WarP 9 Series Wound DC
Very pleased with the power produced by
this 9" to propel my sled. Hamstra
thought two might be req'd given my
situation, but one is all it takes!
Also use the forced air band & Dayton
blower on the CE to ensure min airflow.
Drivetrain5 Speed Manual Transmission w/ Real-time 4WD
ControllerCafe Electric Z2K-EHV
Batteries18 Sears DieHard PM1, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Odyssey PC2150's manufactured for Sears
System Voltage216 Volts
ChargerManzanita Micro PFC-50M
PFC-50M bulk charger w/ MK3 DigiReg shunts to ensure between 14.7-15Vdc finish
charging of AGM batteries (per their spec).

Upgraded to J-1772 Level II charging
compliance via 80A SmartBox by Manzanita
Micro in 2013.
HeaterDual ceramic 220V heaters
DC/DC ConverterIota DLS-220-55
Dual Iotas provide 12Vdc 110A to meet peak needs and provide redundant power for all normal low voltage subsystems.
InstrumentationAnalog: Westach Voltmeter 200-400V &
Ammeter 0 - 1000A
Digital: On-board carPC (AOpen 945VDR w/
touchscreen) allows display of
individual battery & overall pack
Future Tech: Power consumption graphics
envisioned, Radio & podcast integration,
with Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity
slated for "any year now" implementation.
Top Speed85 MPH (136 KPH)
AccelerationSurprisingly good for a heavy sled...
slightly slower than stock only because I've dialed down motor amps to 800A max.
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
Designed vehicle for 50 mi range, but
estimate I hit 20% SOC at 40 miles.
Charging at work & home after my 25 mile
each way commute working well.
EV Miles
Start:183,051 Miles (294,529 Kilometers)
Current:200,000 Miles (321,800 Kilometers)
Total:16,949 Miles (27,270 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4 seats - OEM frames w/ new leather
upholstery. Regular front buckets, but
narrower rear buckets with a wide center
"arm rest" doubling as a battery rack
TiresNitto NeoGen 225/50 ZR17 - Wider Is Better!
(Great low rolling resistance per Consumer
Reports testing)
Conversion Time15 months from purchase to start of reliable
commuting (that's what happens when you're
already working too much before you get the
crazy idea to build an EV!)
Conversion CostApprox. $30,000 incl tools
Additional FeaturesReliably charging from AeroVironment EVSEs used at
home & work. J-1772 inlet installed behind fuel filler door.
Able to charge from straight 240Vac (typically 50A) and
from Level II charging stations.

Wireless internet access enables synchronization of
on-board software and media.

Battery HVAC solution designed & components purchased
(primarily heating batteries in winter), but implementation

Toyota MR-2 power steering efficiency upgrade (P/S ECU,
P/S Driver, Relay, Steering Sensor) delayed.
Components (finally) all purchased...but a simple
on/off switch for the P/S pump has been working
just fine in the parking lots.
Purchased June 2007
Officially started commuting: Sep 18, 2008

Midwest Electric Vehicles (317-247-5684) has been an
excellent EV Builder / partner throughout this whole creation
process. [that's Nick in the bottom picture]
EV Source (Ryan Bohm) has been a great parts provider and
much more...excellent guidance and customer service.
Indy Custom Machine created the custom trans-motor adapter
and aluminum flywheel...exceeding my expectations in
delivering near "work of art" pieces at a very reasonable

o Zilla Z2K & WarP 9 motor successfully & reliably propelling
a heavy conversion for my 25 mile commute! Major
accomplishment as NetGain expressed concerns the WarP might
not handle the load, but it's doing GREAT.
o Brakes (VBS-EV-12 pump) & power steering functional
o High voltage & low voltage wiring complete
o Suspension upgrade (Hypercoil springs)
o Gauges (tach, volt & ammeter) installation
o Resized & reinstalled rear seats. Gibbs Auto Interiors
did great work on leather upholstery.
o New windshield
o Battery box cover for interior "battery console"
o carPC monitors traction pack voltages - powered by CarNetix
P2140 power supply, uses wireless keyboard/trackball and 10"
touchscreen (Xenarc 1020TSV)
o Secure, enclosed mounting of on-board battery charger
o Dropped propeller shaft, rear differential, & rear axles in
the never-ending pursuit of low friction for max range
o Replaced transmission & front CV shafts

To be completed within the next decade:
o Belly pan
o A more custom dash installation of the carPC to lose the
project car "look". Likely integrate Windows tablet PC in
dash since resolution is superior to my current
touchscreen display.

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