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Owner's Other EVElectric Bike
LocationWickham, Western Australia Australia map
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Vehicle2007 - Home Made - Single Person Electric Scooter.
This Scooter uses the front end of my wife's old bicycle and some scrap pieces of 50mm by 50mm by 3mm square tube for the scooter frame.
MotorUnite Motor 1018 Permanent Magnet DC
PMDC gear motor
250W @ 24V
350W @ 36V
Magnet Material: Rare Earth
Model: 1018
Approx: 7:1 attached gearbox reduction
DrivetrainDC Motor and chain drive to the rear wheel
Controller Home Made
Programmed "PICAXE" Microcontroller. The microcontroller PWM function pulses a 30VDC (max), 100 Amp (max) "packaged" Mosfet at 250 Hz. The Mosfet is available in Australia from Jaycar Electronics, part# SY-4086. Variable speed is achieved by way of a "Hall Effect" throttle.
Batteries2, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
12VDC @18 Amp\Hr (each)
System Voltage24 Volts
Charger Home Made
24 volt, 10 amp charger using a surplus 250 VA transformer, 35 Amp bridge rectifier and electrolytic capacitor
DC/DC Converter Home Made
Low power DC to DC conversion was done with an LM7812 and LM7805 1 Amp positive voltage regulators.
Top Speed12 MPH (19 KPH)
AccelerationPretty good
RangeGood enough to get me to the shops to buy the newspaper and get me back home. That's about 2 kilometers at which the battery voltage drops about .50 to .75 volts.
Seating Capacity1 (and only one!)
Tires26" bicycle tire for the front and a small wheelbarrow tire in the back
Conversion Time4 months
Conversion Cost$250

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