OwnerMorten Busklein
Owner's Other EVs1970 General Electric Elec-Trak E-15
1992 Chevrolet Blazer
LocationFrosta, Nord-Trondelag Norway map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1996 Volkswagen Golf CitiStromer
MotorSiemens 27kw (I think), 3-Phase AC
DrivetrainElectric motor mated to 5 speed manual transmission
ControllerSiemens Simovert long inverter
Batteries16 Thunder Sky 80ah 12v blocks in parallel/series., 12.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Just converted the car from the original 16x6v sealed lead
batteries to LiFeYPo4 on Jan 1, 2010. So far, I am very
pleased with the performance. Far superior to lead, and
much lighter (400kg/800lbs lighter). Higher voltage helps
as well. June, 2010, a second set of batteries added to
extend range. It is now an ev with very impressive
System Voltage105 Volts
Original charger works with the new lithium batteries. The
charger charges at a 3kw rate. This means I recoup 8km of
driving per 1 hour of charge.
HeaterEberspacher diesel powered heater
DC/DC ConverterSiemens
Built into the Simovert inverter
Instrumentationlimited...just kph and rpm, no economy gage.
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
70 mph/110kph on flat ground
AccelerationGood now with lithium batteries
Range65 Miles (104 Kilometers)
Expected summertime range max 140km.
However, I will try to keep the batteries above 70% dod to
prolong life. This means driving 100km max between
charges. Due to the many hills I have to climb, my range is
limited. On flat ground at 60kph, I could probably drive
over 150km.
Watt Hours/Milethe car uses between approx 250watts/km. Slightly higher
in winter.
EV Miles
Current:60,000 Miles (96,540 Kilometers)
    As of 10/25/2010
Seating Capacity5
Additional FeaturesSiemens Simovert controller for dc-dc inverting, dc-ac power for the motor, + more.
This is the single most expensive part on the car.
With the lithium batteries, the car is more like a gasoline powered car. Similar
acceleration. I have not driven in warmer temperatures with the new batteries. I have
observed some issues with the batteries in winter; the batteries start off a little weak,
but improve with driving. I believe the internal resistance is reduced as they start
warming up from use. Also, the voltage gets pretty low at first. If I lived in an area
without hills, this would not be a problem, but my first 4km in any direction is uphill.
The lithium batteries only took up 1/3 of the space that the lead batteries took up, so
my plans are to add another 8 batteries, and possibly 8 more again later. They are
expensive, so I can't do it all at once. With a second set of 8 batteries in the car, I will
have a 100km range at 70%dod. That will be sufficient for me. I will probably not
add a 3rd set to this car, but rather swap out the lead acid in the El-Blazer for lithium.

Update. With the second set of batteries, the battery voltage doesn't seem to be affected
much. I can have full power available without concern of exceeding the battery
discharge limits.

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