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Owner's Other EVs800w Razor-style Scooter
2003 500w Funrider Scooter
LocationMansfield, England United Kingdom map
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Vehicle2003 Cheap nasty 200w electric scooter
Motor Tower pro 800w 400kV 3-Phase AC
Brushless outrunner model aircraft motor. Weight 275g power 800w (over 1hp) rpm (at 24v) approx 9600
Controller elf hobby 100A HV opto
R/C speed control for model aircraft. incredibly small and light and handles huge current (100a at 24v is 2400watts). Controlled by an rc sevo tester with extended cable and remote potentiometer on handlebars to act as a 'throttle'.
Batteries62, 0.00 Volt, Nickel-Cadmium, Sealed/Dry
2x12v 12Ah lead acid and 60 ni-cd cells 24v 6.0 Ah. The ni-cd batteries can take high current discharge better than lead acid, this gives more range than adding another 6Ah of lead.
System Voltage24 Volts
24v 2A lead acid charger and 24v 2A ni-cd charger. battery packs are charged separately, then paralleled up for use.
Top Speed19 MPH (30 KPH)
Not much top end, but crazy acceleration, literally throws you forward
Range9 Miles (14 Kilometers)
at full speed, but with gentle acceleration. pulling off hard uses huge amps and reduces range, not that bad though considering the motor is 95% efficient at all speeds, unlike permanent magnet brush motors.
Watt Hours/Mile48 Wh/Mile
24v 12Ah lead acid 24v 6Ah ni-cd. 24v x 18 Ah = 432 Wh. If all batteries were lead you would lose a lot of this as capacity is rated for 10-20 hour discharge. a scooter discharged the battery much quicker than this, reducing the Ah available, by adding ni-cd the ni-cd will take the high current surges then take power from the lead batteries when current is reduced. this increases range. anyway 432Wh / 9 miles = 48 Wh per mile
Seating Capacityone
Tiressmall, 200x50
Was working great, but the gearbox pinion sheared on the motor (shows how powerful this tiny motor is!) so I'm now fitting a different gearbox (from a petrol scooter) this is quite hard to turn by hand indicating friction, but the motor does not seem to mind. When it's working I'll post a vid on youtube.

code by jerry