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OwnerNathan Redfearn
LocationHo Chi Minh City (Saigon), Ho Chi Minh City Metropolitan Area Vietnam map
Vehicle2008 Harrington Harrington BB
This is our prototype 4wd BB.
We have completely hand built it, everything from the steel chassis- through to steel body, glass, rubber, all the trim is brand new. It has 4 brushless hub motors, independent suspension all round, rack and pinion steering, 4 disk brakes. It is a fully working prototype. At the moment I cannot give details on specifications or motors, controllers and chargers. We will announce this soon- but at this point we are working with the motor manufacturers and an EV development company- and we need to keep quiet about it!
We plan to offer fully built cars and kits once development is complete. Hopefully by this time next year.
You can see a writeup, photos and video links from our website WebPage

Batteries0.00 Volt,

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