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OwnerRob Trahms
Owner's Other EV2006 Performance K-101 E-Bike
LocationEdmonds, Washington United States map
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Vehicle1989 Volkswagen Cabriolet
MotorNetgain ImPulse 9 Series Wound DC
Fit PERFECTLY with adapter plate and mount
from Electro Auto!
DrivetrainManual FWD 5-speed
ControllerCafe Electric Z1K-HV
Batteries52 CALB/Skyenergy SE100AHA, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Replaced 96V lead acid pack with 170V
lithium pack.

EV Power BMS configuration for the CALB
lithium cells.
System Voltage170 Volts
ChargerManzanita Micro PFC-20
DC/DC ConverterBelktronix Narrowband 170VDC in - 13.6 VDC out
DC/DC reworked to support new Vin of 166V.
InstrumentationTBS Expert Pro with 10:1 voltage scaler
Traction Pack Voltage (170V) meter
Aux voltage (12v) meter
Top Speed90 MPH (144 KPH)
AccelerationVery good! The battery pack is a third of
its original weight at 350 lbs.
Range50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
Watt Hours/Mile250 Wh/Mile
Average with one driver/no passengers.
Range from 200 Whr/mi - 400 Whr/mi
depending on terrain.
EV Miles
Start:129,400 Miles (208,204 Kilometers)
Current:144,000 Miles (231,696 Kilometers)
Total:14,600 Miles (23,491 Kilometers)
    As of 5/11/2019
Seating Capacity4 adults
Curb Weight2,700 Pounds (1,227 Kilograms)
Lithium diet got this car back to its
original curb weight, perhaps a bit
TiresStock VW wheels.
Sumitomo HTR-200 LRR Tires.
Conversion Time~9 months calendar time
~7 weeks actual effort

Conversion Cost~$17K, including car & batteries
Additional FeaturesConvertible! No A/C required!
Bought donor vehicle for $450 in September
ICE came out on 11/25/2007.
Gas tank and fuel lines came out on
Manual steering rack installed on
Winter Break - too chilly to work on car!
Removed unnecessary engine electrical
wiring on 2/1/2007.
Rebuilt rear brakes/wheels on 2/15/2008.
Electric motor and controller bought on
Front & rear battery racks bought on
Electric motor/tranny installed on
Front & rear battery racks installed on
Batteries installed on 5/25/2008.
HV cabling completed on 6/22/2008.
Z1K-HV & HB2 arrived on 6/23/2008.
Belktronix DC/DC arrived/installed
LV wiring completed on 7/15/2008.
System test completed on 7/31/2008. It
Maiden voyage on 8/1/2008.
Charger installed on 8/7/2008.

Retrofitted from 180V to 96V traction pack
for increased
range in Q4 2008

New maiden voyage (with new batteries) on

Daily driver through 2009.

Lithium upgrade took place between Nov
2009 and March

Daily driver 2010-present (25 miles per

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