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OwnerAndy Wade
Owner's Other EV2008 Jinhua Shiwei / SWEI 0003
LocationBristol, England United Kingdom map
Vehicle2004 Sakura S200
Pedal-electric moped / scooter type thing.
Motorunknown Brushless DC
Stock 200 Watt hub motor AFAIK
DrivetrainHub motor, gearless bicycle pedals-and-chain.
Stock controller AFAIK
Batteries1, 36.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Upgraded to Ping battery in January 2011.

1 custom unit made out of 10 x dry cells for lights and indicators
System Voltage36 Volts
Ping's own Lithium battery charger
Heaterwarm trousers
DC/DC Converter
None - Lights & indicators powered by dry cells which are in turn charged by solar panels. This saves juice for acceleration and range.
InstrumentationComes with super-basic, uncalibrated battery voltmeter and ammeter in dashboard. The voltmeter loses one bar when it's a couple of miles from pegging out.
Top Speed15 MPH (24 KPH)
Limited by UK law to 15 mph :-(
AccelerationNot too bad, now I've eliminated the DC-DC converter.
Range20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
When I last had good SLAs it gave me around 14-15 miles at the very most. As this is the same amperage but lithium, it must give me at least 20 - I've not taken it more than 18 miles so far though. Basically I'm unlikely to run out of juice unless I do something crazy like try taking it to the next town and back.
Watt Hours/Mile27 Wh/Mile
36v * 15 amp = 540
540 / 20 =27

Under SLAs was 36v * 14 amps = 504 watt-hours for 15 miles.
504 / 15 = 33.6 Whr/Mile.

That's in the region of 800 miles per gallon!
EV Miles
Current:2,972 Miles (4,781 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityOne
Curb Weight88 Pounds (40 Kilograms)
30 kilos (estimate - the lithium battery weighs a LOT less than the lead-acid one)
Tires20 inch
Additional FeaturesHave replaced wet cell used for lights and indicators with 10 x AA dry cells in a Maplins battery pack. This is powered from onboard solar panels.

Have put a bicycle speedometer on it, after experimenting with wired ones spent the big bucks and got a wireless one about a year ago. No more problems - it is waterproof and shockproof.
EXTRA: Battery has gone on the speedo, or something, after recording almost 3,000 miles and five years of trouble-free mopedding. True mileage is easily double this.

Also modified lighting system - LED brakelight and repleaced headlight with an LED MR16, so now I never run out of lights at night.
Named after Maurice Moss from TV's The IT Crowd (because it may not always be socially "cool" but it's charming and dependable) and Austin Morris (old-time maker of several of my first cheap, clunky cars and an important part of t' British Motoring Heritage).

Tried building a supplementary battery to make it go faster and better, but it didn't work due to duffo cells. Finally broke down and bought a Ping Battery in the winter of 2010 / 2011 - it's much better now, no more back breaking weight for a start. Also it charges up in about an hour and half most days as I rarely take it out for long rides.

I had all sorts of plans to upgrade it to 48v at one point, but why bother? It's a nice little town machine as it is; the low speed is all part of its nerdy, Moss-esque charm. I still use it for when I'm going down the pub and can't be bothered to cycle.

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