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OwnerDennis J Pestka
Owner's Other EVsWheel Horse A60
Wheel Horse C185
General Electric E12M
1972 Chevrolet Vega
LocationElsberry, Missouri United States map
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Vehicle1965 Datsun L320
MotorAdvanced DC FB4001A Series Wound DC
DrivetrainOriginal ICE was a 1200cc 4 cylinder that cranked out 60HP.
4 speed manual transmission
4.88 rear end
ControllerDC Power Systems Raptor 1200A
Batteries13 Odyssey PC1750, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
System Voltage156 Volts
ChargerZivan NG5
The Odyssey PC1750's forced me to the 220V Zivan. Needed ~ 25 amps in the initial charge phase.
DC/DC ConverterZivan NG1
InstrumentationE-Meter. Analog gauges for pack voltage and amperage, accessory battery voltage.
Top SpeedFaster than I would care to go.
AccelerationAcceleration is great. I have been reluctant to take it much past 400amps until I get the motor and batteries broke in.
Pretty much drive in 3rd gear, which is a 7.26 ratio.
Range30 Miles (48 Kilometers)
Plan to drive a round trip of 15 miles a day.
Hopefully this will be ~ 50% DOD, which should give me decent battery life
Watt Hours/MileUnknown
EV Miles
Start:17,556 Miles (28,247 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 small adults
Curb Weight2,180 Pounds (990 Kilograms)
Original curb weight.
Estimated weight after conversion = 2980#
TiresP205/70 R15
Conversion Time2 years. Included a lot of restoration work on the 65 Datsun truck.
Conversion CostTotal to date ~ $17,000.
Under Construction
Have both rear battery boxes built, rear end and rear brakes restored.
Have all my drawings and wiring diagrams done in AutoCAD if anyone's interested in a copy
Just got the motor installed.
Most of the truck resto work is behind me.
Have completed Laying out my components on a 1/4" Aluminum plate.
Completed all 4/0 wiring.
Need to finish all other wiring.

03/20/09 - Just about finished. Have a few minor things and I will be ready for my 13 Odyssey 1750's.
Hope to be buying batteries ~ April.

05/20/09 - Finishing touches, and battery installation within a week. Startup date scheduled 05/29/09.

05/29/09 - Got my first EV grin. Had to do some last minute jury rigging on the wiring, and still have some issues with the charger and the tach. Everything else works great.

01/01/14 - Started my lithium upgrade. Out with the (13)tired Odyssey 65ah AGM's, and in with (50)180ah Ca Calb LiFePo4 lithium batteries. I'm also upgrading my charger to a Brusa.

05/06/14 - Got my second EV grin with my new Lithium pack.
Should give me ~ 80 mile range @ 80% DOD.

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