OwnerMichael Shaw
Owner's Other EV1985 Pontiac Fiero
LocationSouth Bend, Indiana United States map
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Vehicle1999 Huffy Stone Mountain
My first (miserable) attempt at a battery powered vehicle.
MotorGolden Motors 500 watt Brushless DC
DrivetrainThe motor is direct drive. The pedals are hooked into 18 speeds. It helps a lot if you pedal.
ControllerGolden Motors
Brushless DC converter
Batteries3, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
10 AH, obtained cheap from Ebay.
NEW: Obtained 30 NiMH D batteries which are wired in series. They are also rated at 10 AH. They are arranged in the battery box above the lead-acid batteries. The two banks are isolated from one another using a bridge rectifier. Total system voltage is still 36, but the capacity is theoretically doubled.
System Voltage36 Volts
ChargerTUOS DS-MC-36VZ
supplied with kit
InstrumentationGPS for speed and distance verification.
Top Speed17 MPH (27 KPH)
Too fast for this frame. (no shocks.) Scary on our country roads.
AccelerationNice when the batteries are fresh. It will peel out. But you have to be careful; the breaker (15A) will trip if you're aggressive for very long.
Range7 Miles (11 Kilometers)
Actually it will go further, but carrying my heavy body around, it begins to sag around 7 miles. It isn't practical for anything other than going to our nearby library.
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight85 Pounds (38 Kilograms)
All up weight is 302#. Do the math to figure out my weight!
Tiresstandard mountain bike knobby tires, with "no flat" foam inner tube inserts
Conversion Timea few hours
Conversion Cost$320 for the conversion. The bicycle was donated.
Additional FeaturesThe rack on the rear was borrowed from my French 10-speed. The battery box is an old plastic tool box I had lying around.
This was my first attempt at an electric vehicle. My other vehicle is a Fiero. It goes a lot faster and is a lot more comfortable. And it sucks down a lot more juice!

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