Odometer-at-new-BatteriesGage-arrangement_Volts+AmpsVoltmeterRear-Battery-InstallFront-Battery-InstallFront-Battery_Side-ViewSCS150 Side-pannel-viewelectricfly Upholstered Seats
OwnerRobert Weekley
LocationToronto, Ontario Canada map
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Vehicle1989 Pontiac Firefly - 2 Door Hatchback
Currently Grey on Grey,(With a Post
Accident Repair Painting of Hatchback
in white, soon to be followed by a
White Roof) changing to Black & Yellow,
starting with Upholstery, then assembly
clips for Heater Controls, and visor
mirror clips, other small trim items,
and later - interior panels, and
carpets (Current replacement Black
Carpet will get some custom work,
either embroidery or other).
MotorGeneral Electric 5BT1346B50 Series Wound DC
20.9 HP, 4700 RPM, 90 Volts - 184 Amps.
Weighs 170 Lbs. 17.75" Long x 9" Dia.
Max Speed 6500 RPM.

Current PbA Pack Voltage sags to about
75 volts when drawing 185 amps when
driving at ~60-65 Mph (100-108 Kph.) -
so I likely never get the full 20.9 Hp
from it.
DrivetrainStandard 5-Speed, Gear Ratio's not yet

Since I did not have the Original
Owners Manual for this, and there were
a variety of gear ratios, I have done a
researched guess, to determine proper
speeds to drive per gear!
ControllerGeneral Electric EVT-15
As installed - I have little info on
(Tech update - September 15, 2007:
Apparently it is supported by Flight
Systems Industrial Products -
www.fsip.biz - who sent me a manual for
CONTROL" - as they feel this is the
closest available manual for it.)
Batteries8 Trojan SCS-150, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Largest Ah Rating Group 24 Battery I
could find (100 Ah at C/20), in a given
time frame, and best cost, allowing
room for Insulation, but not
necessarily the best Lead-Acid Choice
or the best Value choice - just a quick
start to get going!
** Battery Box Cover Frames made from
Stainless Steel at welding shop,
Acrylic covers made for rear two
Locations, and small single battery
cover is nearly complete with Acrylic
mounted and Sealed with a home made
** BattEQ Added to help equalize
Batteries. They can be seen working
hard to re-balance the Batteries after
a drive!
System Voltage96 Volts
Charger Offboard: Saft GNB SCR-100, Onboard: Canadian Tire
Limited information (Saft/Nife)-
110/120 VAC in - 96VDC Out, Current = 8
Amps, after batties at 80% - drops to
2/3. (At start - AC Load at feed is ~
13.8 Amps) Old batteries took 2.5
hours, new ones about 7-9 hours, for a
full charge.

Custom Battery charger built for front
3 Trojan Flodded traction batteries and
the one AGM accessory battery - charges
each battery individually with a 12V
'Smart' charger selectable for Battery
type (regular, deep cycle, or
AGM/Gell), charging current (2A, 8A, or
12A), which allows a flexible choice
while charging. Rear 5 traction
batteries us 5 'smart' chargers, just
set in place at this time - no custom
case made yet.
HeaterNo heater, just a blower installed,
ducting all cut up, needs full
replacement - Gages installed where
heater selector controls go - they need
** Dash removed, new Dash, Heater
Control Assembly, Ducting and Fan
bought, to be installed - throttle Pot
in Way - needs re-location and re-

**Throttle Pot Relocated, EV
Heater/Defroster assembly created - and
installed - but not yet wired up.
DC/DC Converter EVCRAFT - Custom 96V in, ~14.5V out, ~20 Amps
Currently no DC/DC Converter.
Apparently it was taken our from the
car at some point - removed from the
upper-left firewall near the left hood
hinge, according to one of the people
involved in the conversion - the
Instructor - whom I finally met on
Thursday, September 13, 2007: Nick

*Update - DC/DC Bought from
www.evcraft.com, yet to be installed.
InstrumentationVolt Meter: 0 - 150 Volts,
Ammeter: 0 - 300 Amps,
GE Meter (LXT) - No information on this
yet. any help on this one appreciated.

PakTrakr Installed, with added Woodward
Enhanced Display with data Logging, to
track energy use per trip, at the car
Top Speed63 MPH (101 KPH)
Only 1 good freeway test so far, I saw
100 Kmh (62 mph) on my second run
(first freeway run) with the vehicle
with the new batteries, on Sunday, May
27, 2007.
Since then - freeway drives have shown
it capable of 105 - 108 kmh at least -
though without a Tachometer - I am not
ready to push it much further.
AccelerationNot yet measured, but seems decent - 50
mph achieved, before braking required
in short block from work to main
street. Possibly could be improved with
a new clutch and some more experience.

*Maybe Motor Controller accelleration
timing has been set way down since
Students originally twisted off Axles!
Range18 Miles (28 Kilometers)
Max distance so far, to wayyy dead!
(Mixed Testing and traffic driving)
Min = 22 Km in heavy rush hour street
traffic with too much stop and go.
Maximum seen to Date - (Sept.15/07) =
36.8 Km on one charge - consisting of a
number of short trips to work and back
(1 km each way) and a few longer street
trips up to 8 - 12 Km out to pay bills,
do banking and post office work.

Have bought (June 2008) PakTrakr 600 +
extra remote - this will give me better
pack info and help give amore accurate
figure here, and - when I get the
BattEQ BEQ-LA-4-100 Battery Equalizers,
it should be better too!! (should be
ordering them Mid July, 08)
Watt Hours/Mile350 Wh/Mile
No E-Meter yet. UM-100 Meter monitors
power used while charging: 8 kwh =
normal charge = ~25 Km. Also - Driven
about 19 Km from home by street and
then to freeway and back to street the
welding shop, charge up took about 3.3
Kwh for that run.

*Update: Blog Posts Listed on my
website - show a low of 67-100 Wh/Km
when driving easy to work, but driving
it hard and braking hard, uses about
277-285 Wh/Km
EV Miles
Start:102,314 Miles (164,623 Kilometers)
Current:102,798 Miles (165,401 Kilometers)
Total:484 Miles (778 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4 adults, although I have yet to drive
with any more than 2, further drive and
load tests to ensue.
Curb Weight2,000 Pounds (909 Kilograms)
Vehicle weight with no Batteries, and
drivers seat = 1560 lbs. Batteries
50 lbs x 8 = 400 lbs. Not sure of seat
weights - not weighed. Weight is
TiresAll Season P145/80 R12 (Canadian Tire),
but other Mag Wheels and Special Tires
Available (see picture on my own web site)
Conversion TimeConverted by Grade 10 High Schools
Students at Miriam College in Toronto,
~ 1995. First car - was a new donation
by GM, it was crashed in a race in
Phoenix, AZ., This donor was converted
by the students themselves with teacher
supervision, with the EV components
from that car, near year end.

Parts that were cut during conversion,
or melted while welding, have been
replaced with new (used) parts. Still
looking for the rear privacy cover
(molded piece behind back seat)
Conversion Cost$2,000 to buy, + ~$1,200 to Certify, +
$900 for custom seat upholstery +
$1,100 for new batteries + $400 to rust
protect battery boxes with 'Rust
Bullet' coating,
$525 at welding shop for Special
Charger Support Tray/rack in front, and
two frames for rear battery box covers,
about a days welding work, plus $50 for
Arylic sample case for custom front
charger mounting box.

Additional $600 for BattEQ's Ordered,
and about $600 for PakTrakr and related
Enhanced Display.

Not yet added: Soon to be incorporated
Lithium Pack using Headway 40160S
Cells. Two of each of the Threaded
Headway Test Cells Ordered, should be
here by July 1, 2011. After Testing,
Pack plan will be developed.
Additional FeaturesHaving a custom built, individual battery monitoring
meter created, in a side-by-side bar graph format for
general comparison of battery voltage levels. Will be
adding a total pack Digital Voltmeter for easier reading
than the analog version (and as a back up).
Link 10 or E-Meter to be added, Or paktrakr individual
battery monitor instead. Also planning on installing
BattEQ battery equalizers to better balance the batteries
while under charge and discharge.

*** As current Volt and Ammeter gages are not lighted -
making poor night driving events, (I like to see what I
am drawing in amps, volts, etc.) I am making some LED
Light Bars for them, currently testing basic LED mcd
Ratings to select.
This Vehicle Lead me to being involved with creating EV Fest
Electric Vehicle Show - found at www.evfest.ca - now on its
5th annual show - EV Fest 2014!

I live in an apartment above commercial businesses, with
no 'driveway' I can call my own, and use a visitor
parking for the EV. I have to basically wait until
business closes each day at 8 pm to bring the car over to
charge it, or wait for the weekend, and - since I work
nights, it is a bit of a difficult situation there.

I figure since it is a 1989 Firefly, parts are getting
very hard to find, so - it is unlikely to ever really get
a lot of years from it, but - I would like to make it
look nice, in spite of that, and - since it is No Tesla,
and has limited battery space on existing battery boxes,
I can't put in large batteries so it won't go far, it
might as well look nice!

Speaking of Nice, the only place today to get a new one,
is the Cultus, from Suzuki of Pakistan - here:
WebPage and who knows if that could be
imported into Canada after buying it! Or the States for
that Matter! But if it could be - or maybe make a deal
and get a few gliders for Conversions!! (Dreaming on

Oh - and I have added a Blog at
WebPage and a website at
WebPage The car has also been at a few
shows (see the blog) and at EV Fest -
WebPage for 2010.

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