OwnerEmilio Ugarte
Owner's Other EV2006 3C-car (2)
LocationSantiago, Las Condes Chile map
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Vehicle2005 3c-car
cistom built 3 wheeler
MotorBriggs and Stratton ETEK
This is one of the most powerful DC motors available. There is nothing like it out there. Many of the most powerful spinner robots out there have been using this motor with great success (including Nightmare, Son of Whyachi, Moebius and many more). WARNING: this motor is NOT an ordinary motor, and should be handled with GREAT care. It is very capable of serious power and should always be completely secured before applying any power to it.

24V to 48V (has been run up to 72V)
72rpm per volt (3456rpm @ 48V)
20.8 pounds
7.91" diameter
5.64" length
7/8" shaft with 3/16" keyway and 3/8-16 Tapped center
Torque constant: 1.14 in-lb/Amp (0.13 Nm/Amp)
Max motor current: 330A for 2 minutes
15 horsepower max
Drivetrainchain drive
If you need to proporionally and remotely control a high current brushed motor, this is the ESC for you. They just don't get much more powerful than this.

This is the reversible speed control you need to run your Etek motor or PMG-132 motor properly. This control is a modified version of the standard Sevcon. It comes with the RCA Analog Interface
Batteries4, 12.00 Volt,
System Voltage48 Volts

code by jerry