1911 Hupp-Yeats Model 1A Regent CoupeBattery box supports and front chassis vOriginal condition when EV acquired1911 Hupp-Yeats Model A chassis views1912 Hupp-Yeats Amp/Volt meter1911-13 Model 2A Closeup of Chassis S/NWestinghouse Motor (rebuilt)
OwnerMyles Twete
Owner's Other EVs1920 Milburn Light Electric Model 27L
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2011 THINK City
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Vehicle1911 Hupp-Yeats Model 1A 4-passenger coupe, S/N 374
Original 1911 Hupp-Yeats Model 1A "Regent" Coupe chassis (#374) in process of being restored and an authentic reproduction 'coupe' body made. Robert Hupp (Hupp Motor Car Co. and Hupmobile founder) and company began producing the Hupp-Yeats Electric cars in late 1910 with a single coupe model which by mid-1911 was called the Model 1A, then by late-1911 it was referred to as the "Regent". Also in late 1911 there were 4 coupe models and a couple convertible models. Production thru 1913 was around 1000 vehicles---all were "low hung" and used direct motor-differential bevel gear drive. Only a handful were produced from spare parts in 1914, then from 1915-1919 H-Y produced a coupe and convertible model but with worm drive.
Hupp-Yeats was ahead of their time being the first electric car company to produce a low-hung body with very low CG and direct motor/diff drive. Its characteristic "Renault-style" hood and French styling were unique among electrics and was alternately described as "freakish" or "aerodynamic", depending on the source of commentary.
MotorWestinghouse V-33F, 48-volt, 35amp, 4-pole, 1600-1700RPM Series Wound DC
Motor bolts directly to the differential.
Motor is an original 1911 motor
DrivetrainDirect Motor/Differential pinion-bevel-gear drive with 10:1 ratio.
Controller None at this time
Original Controller: 1911 Westinghouse Model 501-F-2

I expect to use an ALLTRAX or other solid state controller in the rebuilding of this EV.
Batteries0.00 Volt,
Originally: 27 cells (Exide 11MV Hycap PbA cells), or 54v in 3 banks of 9 individual 135ah PbA cells.

Plan: Use 72v or greater of at least 100ah for greater peak speed.
Expect to use a Lester or other 72v charger plus diode regs if AGM batteries.
HeaterOriginally, the heater would consist of a coal fired "foot warmer" heater. I have 2 of these, but will likely not use them for heat.
DC/DC Converter
None planned...if go with 12v lamps, will need one.
InstrumentationOriginal analog Roller-Smith Amp-Volt Meter "made exclusively for the Hupp-Yeats Electric Car Company". The meter is 24kt gold plated and is only 1 of 2 or 3 known to exist.
Top Speed20 MPH (32 KPH)
Originally: 17-20mph spec'd w/27cells (nom. 54v)
Five speeds forward.
Two speed reverse.
Plan: Shoot for 30mph by going with a 72v battery pack with Alltrax controller.
AccelerationHuh? What's that?
Range75 Miles (120 Kilometers)
Spec'd range at 17-20mph.
Watt Hours/Mile75 Wh/Mile
75-90miles @17-20mph w/110ah*54v
Estim: 6kwh/80miles, or 75wh/mile
Seating Capacity4 adults, 2 in front, 2 in rear
Curb Weight2,350 Pounds (1,068 Kilograms)
Original spec'd weight w/27 cells of 135ah.
TiresRear: 34x4" Motz white "cushion" solid rubber tires (still on vehicle)
Front: 32x3.5" or 33x3.5" balloon tires in front (original config).
Ten-spoke 25" wooden artillery wheels in front, 12-spoke 26" wooden artillery wheels in rear.

Will refurbish with 33x4" inflatable tires and 25" wood wheels all around.
Conversion TimeThis restoration project will take a long time...but this is NOT A CONVERSION...THIS IS AN ORIGINAL EV from 1911 that is being RESTORED.
Additional Features* Original bronze main power disconnect (manual oper.)
* Original Hupp-Yeats Volt-Amp meter (22kt gold plated)
* Authentic "Recti" 80v signalling bell
This is one of only 3 known remaining Hupp-Yeats Electric cars from the 1200+ made from late 1910 thru 1919. Of the remaining ones, this one is the oldest.

S/N Year Car Description
374 1911 Model 1A Regent Coupe (chassis only--mine)
766 1911/2 Model 2B De Luxe Coupe (immac. in Alb. Ca.)
778 1914/5 Model 1A Regent Coupe (80pt car, worm drv)

Vehicle provenance of S/N374 based on:
* Chassis style, spoke count, motor type & mounting imply Hupp-Yeats
* "H-J" and numbers on castings match 1912 H-Y parts list
* Chassis dimensions w/86" wheelbase imply "A" type chassis---either Model 1A or 2A
* Bevel Gear Drive implies 1913 or earlier
* Mar 1912 H-Y Parts List refers to S/N 550+
* "H-J 1911 Chrome Vanadium" stamped on other springs*
* "Mar 1911" stamped into 2 of leaf springs
* S/N 374 chassis consistent with 1911, first half (per ads in summer, 1911)
* S/N 22 MX version (S/N 350+) Diff consistent w/374 chas
* S/N 598 Hubs indicate rear hubs replaced late 1911

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